• Image of Rock The Discotek Volume 2 Mixtape

This is where it all started for Rock The Discotek Records - the second of 2 Volumes of Rock The Discotek mixes, originally digital releases which set a new standard for 'mixtapes' ever since. Live New York Hip Hop '78-'83 remastered, edited and presented in classic mixtape format by Canadian super-producer/DJ Jorun Bombay.

British Hip Hop label AE Productions manufactured a limited run of 100 copies of each Volume and RTDT have obtained a couple so that they can be ordered along with the 7" if required. Each volume has been re-edited to run as a traditional cassette mix where the original mixes were in parts 1 and 2 across 2 sides of a cassette and the artwork has been modified to fit a J Card by the amazing Mr Krum. Presented with full colour J-cards and with cassette shell colours matching the J-card and sealed in cellophane wrap for freshness!

A word from Jorun...

"Rock The Discotek is the revisiting & remastering of the original hip hop street tapes that circulated New York between 1977-82. The original breaks used on the tapes were re-cut over the live performances to enhance the sound quality further & add highs, bass and clarity to the recordings. I've made a conscious effort to compile them together and make it presentable in a DJ mixtape fashion to preserve them for future generations who may not have heard them before. This history is too important to be forgotten or lost in time. Peace to the first Generation of MC's and DJ's who were directly responsible for birthing the most important musical artform of the last 100 years"

- Jorun Bombay